Minorities and Philosophy (MAP)

Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) – Chapter Munich (LMU)

Women and minorities were not only massively underrepresented in the Platonic Academy, they take little place in academic philosophy even up to this day. In 2011 in the UK only about 24% of all academic employees in philosophy identified as female. People of Colour, LGBTQ+ and people with disabilities make up even smaller parts of the academic community. Minorities and Philosophy (MAP) is an international organization which aims at bringing these circumstances to general attention and actively bridge the gap. As one of three MAP-Chapters in Germany we organize local academic events on minority topics. This semester, MAP Munich will cooperate with the Feminist Reading Group and invite the treated authors for some vivid discussion. 

If you are interested in helping us challenge the historical monotony of academic philosophy look out for events and/or contact us on Facebook maplmu@protonmail.com. We are always excited to welcome new, energetic faces and see ourselves as open platform and the resources to realize projects that help make a change.